Our Story

Belize is around the concept that buy local products from the original source, know the makers and narrative behind the product line.

We are dreamers who are working together with talented people around the region for the revival and promotion of traditional and unique products based on local culture.

We have shared valued philosophy by combining traditional craftsmanship with ethical business. As we believe that people actually wants to benefit the maker’s behind the product they purchased. With each product you buy, your purchase actually benefits the artisans behind the product.

Our story won’t be completed if we don’t talk about talented people behind our product line. With each product we are bringing the inspiring stories and artistic talent of the people that make them. We will go behind the scenes to show how the products are made and highlight the maker’s story as we believe the makers of products should not be nameless and faceless.

We are committed to achieve SDG 5 Gender Equality & SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

There is a huge dormant workforce comprising of educated, skilled women not utilizing their education and skills to earn due to social stigma attached to women working outside the home. Beleza is focused on providing rural women entrepreneurs more advanced platform while they remain in the comfort of their homes. A value-adding platform that will transform the destiny of women, enabling them to have access and control over economic resources, and enrich their lifestyles.

From a human development perspective, providing decent employment is not just about economic opportunity, but also about increasing self-worth, dignity and an expanding capability for social impact.

We strongly believe in building relationships that’s why superior customer service is our powerful asset. Customers that call in with issues will be amazed at the amount of personal attention they receive, and how quickly issues are not only resolved but significantly improved.

We are positioning our self in the current ecosystem as a “High Quality & an Authentic Source for Local Products”

Beleza was incubated as a start-up at Durshal Community Innovation Labs in August 2018, which is a leading technology incubator in KPK.